Ecomedia Exhibition Opens

Ecological Strategies in Today’s Art

The exhibition Ecomedia presents projects founded on progressive
ecological models and conceives utopian horizons in the process. It
peruses fundamental considerations concerning ecosystems,
sustainability, renewable energy sources, as well as visions of the


In addition, it examines the role of art and new media over and
above science, technology, and ecoactivism.
The artistic approaches rooted in the link between media technologies
and so-called “natural” systems such as climate, water, and earthquakes
are innovative. These projects revolve around the charting of data and
their audio visualization. For the most part, they circumvent common
scientific technological recording methods and open up new worlds of


12. October 2007– 13. January 2008

Edith Russ Site for Media Art

Katharinenstraße 23
D-26121 Oldenburg