Sticking Gorilla Coffee

“Gorilla Coffee” is one of many products that leverages the unique identity of a wild animal in its marketing. We don’t know if the coffee is good. As a company perhaps it is no better or worse than average. But in the interest of the animals represented in branding like this, Transnational Temps is advancing a campaign that brings both the company and the consumer into a dialogue about the real situation faced by endangered species like the one pictured on this bag of coffee.

We invite Gorilla Coffee to paste information about the mountain gorilla on its packaging. Did you know that only approximately 750 mountain gorillas remain in the wild? When images of wild animals are duplicated endless in entertainment, and product packaging, it can be easy not to notice that the habitats these animals need to survive are disappearing.

This picture  is a simulation of the Gorilla Coffee product, improved by ecoartivistic intervention. This is an invitation for the company to contribute to the growth of consciousness about the ecological distress of endangered species.