Animal Confusion

The french publisher “Circonflexe” has published a book named “Play of Images” that combines images of real wild animals with illustrations and logotypes for Peugeot, Lacoste, Nestle and Sheba — all companies that use animals for their corporate identities. This kind of children’s book contributes to the confusion between representations of the real, on the one hand, and virtual avatars for corporations on the other. The book is devoid of critical intelligence regarding this type of epistemological question, which is increasingly important as habitats are rapidly disappearing for many animals. It’s important to lead children into some knowledge of these realities rather than obfuscating and ignoring them. The alternative would be to foster another generation of children as blindly insensitive to the realities of ecology as today’s adults. Kids must learn that companies are exploiting species on the verge of extinction. They should not be led to confuse the representation with the original.