Video Installation by Transnational Temps

Transnational Temps, Team España, is presenting an installation in the exhibition “Monstruos, Fantasmas y Humanoides, Poéticas de la representación en la cibersociedad" organized by Jose Ramon Alcala, in the Telefonica Foundation in Madrid. Two actors made of pieces of faces collected in video chats, in the street and in the fashion reviews repeat the endless fifth scene of Romeo and Juliet.

In our society, our actor’s love is transmitted to clients who, after all, may not receive the gesture: error in the connection, the request server not responding. Without signal there is no answer, without answer there is no dialogue, without dialogue there is no credit and without credit there is no love… small story about wireless connection: our two actors are connected by wifi and when somebody is passing through them the connection is interrupted (we really used an infrared to do it). The intrusion of the visitor in the waves breaks the synchronicity between both computers.
Now in Spain it is not legal to share wireless connections in the street and agents from Telefonica are trying to catch illegal nodes in the streets. The Telefonica Foundation is down the hall from the Museum of Telecommunication and close to the offices of the most important executives. The locale really looks like a bank or a bunker because of a hugh contemporary art collection. We tried to connect the two computers by radio waves in the exhibition place and it was absolutely impossible. The crazy thing is that in the temple of Spanish telecommunication there is are security systems scrambling radio waves to protect from foreign intrusion in their network. It’s strange to be near the Telecommunication Museum in such conditions. Finally we used a ethernet cable.
It’s disappointing to think that all the work people did to create open nodes is now commercially recovered by telecommunication enterprises with wireless pay points in the street. We can’t really express our feelings inside our society because we fatally fall in the stomach of business and business has no face. In the future we would be interested in creating new actors from public places on the web mixing various public channels to generate and feed new shows made of the false privacy of the network. We would like to do it again by a participative workshop we did already called "boat people" using interconnected computers in a single videochat public place to use it like a place to show our work in process.

Julieta presented in the first page of ABC news paper cultural supplement, November 20. magazine cover