U.S. Obstructionism on Kyoto Protocol

The American-based independent news program Democracy Now! reported on Thursday 1/14/05 that efforts to extend and expand upon the Kyoto Accord have been resisted by the U.S., even though the U.S. is one of the few industrialized nations that has not signed the agreement. This obstructionist move, while not surprising, further isolates the U.S. from enlightened thinking on pollution and ecological sustainability. That this maneuvering is not headline news in the U.S. shows clearly how inadequate the corporate-driven news services have become.

George Monbiot:
The United States is one of the very few which has not signed up and now the Bush administration just in the past few weeks has tried to prevent any extension of the Kyoto Protocol. There was an attempt to have a new treaty, which would come into force in 2012, which would bring about much bigger cuts in carbon dioxide and which would try to pull in the developing countries such as India and China, and the Bush administration, even though it didn’t have negotiating rights because it hadn’t signed the Kyoto protocol, it deliberately disrupted and destroyed that meeting so that so far there is no agreement for what’s going to happen from 2012 onward.