Urban Safari in Potiers

Transnational Temps carried out a workshop entitled Urban Safari with Fine Arts of Poitiers (EESI). This also envolved the development of an ARG (Augmented Reality Game) combining a specialized map of the center of town and the use of cellphones. A photographic safari intended to highlight commercial representations of at-risk and endangered species that are used to sell products and market brands. A wide variety of logos and brand icons, used for fashion and posters, immerses us in a seductive bestiary of copies, completely separated from the real conditions of life facing the “wild kingdom.” The safari spotlights the puma — represented by million logos but numbering only 30,000 in the wild.

workshop ecoartiviste de Transnational Temps à Poitiers

Transnational Temps wishes to thank Sylvie Marchand and Sabrina Grassi-Fossier for their invitation. Many thanks also to the EESI which took part in the workshop, helped develop the rules of engagement, and played in the streets of Poitiers.