Earthworm interface

earthworm interface
(Some thoughts on an internally circulated proposal for
an online interface, pictured above.)

I think that it is absolutely necessary to develop a more advanced communication network. From my point of view we need something which could, besides being visually and conceptually pleasant,
form a technological basis that is easier and more advanced than the usual. I am interested in a voice peer to peer chatting,
//addition – i prefer to ask the question
//Is it beneficial to move forward to an “all in one” forum platform ?
a good organisation of topics – and a parallel forum – I have faced many times virtual communities that are active for a while but they degrade through time. As Elias Kanetti put it the masses (users) break up when there is no new flow of participants – so my suggestion in order to retain a flow of people – is at first the visual – conceptual – a competitive technological basis, ease of use (organization of topics – simple user interface)- one of the key points is that while we have to think for a mass of people we should focus on the expansion of each individual identity and not on the usual mass identity (is that possible on a forum with a lot of wiki features?). The most usual feeling that I have when I use a forum or chat room is that I am looking for the general context of what is hosting me. It is like the TV – most of the times it doesn’t matter what would be your individual actions but what is the context of your hosting broadcast. But it is not so simple as it seems to de-characterize a web space. When we create a project with a group of people it is very difficult to be aware of how much do we manipulating the users or if the users are behaving as masses or groups. Even though wiki and a significant part of the web are based on these thoughts they have a lack of organisation and visual experience, clearly a virtue of the mainstream media. I am not supporting the idea of creating blank web spaces but I am supporting an open structure that could change the result completely from it’s original aim.