Communication – Networks – Forum – Collective

Although I was worrying about the consequences of creating dominant web spaces I like the idea of a nexus of data that can form interfaces – Andy had played with that idea with an ironic and
subversive way through older projects – while I could foresee a lot of implementations I am skeptical if that approach could be merged with the idea of a forum, because, the subject of enhancing a forum is
referring, from my point of view, to a practical retrieval of information and a personalized way of participation. Both of these aspects cannot be accomplished when we are including a lot of
technical details concerning databases (scientific data, interface elements) that had to be linked by a user.
Therefore, I could see this idea as the second step to enhance a forum with a strong visual project but not as the base participative structure that could make a forum personal. It could be a project that
could be formed by specialized individuals.

The funny thing is what Foucault mentioned in the preface of anti-Oedipus “…Do not demand of politics that it restore the ‘rights’ of the individual as philosophy has defined them. The individual is the product of power” (Thatcher knew that very well when she start using the phrase “there are not societies, only people”, and probably Bush won the elections by expanding the personal terror) and he continues “…what is needed is to “de-individualize” by means of multiplication and displacement, diverse combinations. The group must not be the organic bond uniting hierarchized individuals, but a constant generator of de-individualization. …” Here I could dare to make a comment that in that particular case of enhancing a forum or exploring the structure that someone has to follow in order to make an “active” forum, we have to gain, firstly, the ways of an advanced linguistic system that the personal non-digital communication has achieved. I mean by that that we need to expand the horizon of the participation of the user. This could
separate the mass behavior with the group behavior, as I mentioned before. So from my point of view we have to 1. individualize the user in order to 2. deindividualize the group. I think that this tumble is
caused due to the primitive linguistic system that we are using in the new media.

Until now with the wiki and this kind of participation, Andy , that his personal “immaterial” labor is the one that made most of these ideas available, had accomplished a lot in order to create networks of
free communication from the Balkan “personal cinema” to the alport we are facing today. I hope that this discussion will help us all to expand ideas and practices through concrete… red bubbles